About the Wyneken Project

Several Lutheran churches in Baltimore found that they were facing similar problems. They also found that they were doing ministry in a similar way and that their churches seem to be strengthened by this approach. They partnered on this such as vicarage, Vacation Bible School, outreach, pulpit exchange, and support of other local churches on hard times. Their own churches were supportive.

After a while it became evident that a unique organization was needed to carry out the work efficiently. And so the Wyneken Project was born. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in the State of Maryland. Every penny of every dollar given to the Wyneken Project goes directly the benefit of the churches and individual with whom we work. The board of directors covers all administrative costs of the Wyneken Project.

The Board of Directors

  • Rev. Elliott M. Robertson, President
  • Rev. Roy Axel Coats, Secretary